Almería, a fil location

Almería can boast of having been the location for more than 500 films over the last six decades. Its varied land relief, full of contrasts, including desert landscapes and high cliffs, have made it an excellent place for film production. It is not surprising, then, that there is a special sensitivity and fondness for the cinema among its population.

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The distribution of the shopping areas and the feel of the mall are therefore inspired by the seventh art, including nods to the film world in the treatment of the floor, simulating a red carpet, and the interplay of lights and contrasts that make the space look as theatrical as possible.

The colours of the materials in red and mid- grey shades strengthen the film concept.

All these elements together contribute to generating a dynamic space that offers an experience and intuitively invites visitors to walk through the Shopping Centre, facilitating foot traffic and increasing visit frequency and the average stay, which has a direct effect on sale results.

In this way, Torrecárdenas is designing a shopping and leisure area focused on its users with the aim that they should make it theirs and transform it based on their specific needs. It is also intended to house the institutions of the province of Almería.