Torrecárdenas defines a unique offer not found in its immediate surroundings integrating fashion, leisure and bars and restaurants in the same space.


The retail range of the competition is hyper-dependent, meaning that it is based on hypermarkets. Our approach is committed to fashion as the core attraction in order to break through the isochrones and expand Torrecárdena’s catchment area.


There is no other offer in its surroundings that integrates the format of Large-Format Specialty Retailers and Shopping Centre.


It contains the first food court in Almería, with specialised restaurants and bars and a large terrace area.


It offers the biggest fashion range in the area, as it gives 56% of its overall space over to retail establishments, compared to 21% for the current competition.


It offers a full leisure range, with 5,000 m2 given over to new- generation cinemas, as well as a climbing centre and multi-adventure children’s area unlike anything currently existing in Almería.


It has a supermarket of balanced size in a format based on the quality/ price relationship to ensure success.

The synergy of two complementary retail formats


Creating intelligent circulation flows


The integration of Large-Format Specialty Retailers and a Shopping Centre generates synergies ensuring the circulation of customers on the premises, so the Large-Format Specialty Retailers provide traffic and the Shopping Centre increases the average stay and visit frequency.


The supermarket and low cost fashion range, with its constant range rotation and new product launches, increase visitors frequency as well as benefiting the other retailers.


The strategic location of drivers at the ends of the Shopping Park and Shopping Centre ensures a circulation flow between them and inside the gallery, eliminating possible cold spots in the shopping area.


The car park contributes to extending visit length. More than 3,000 spaces ensures the availability of 5 spaces for every 100 m2 GLA and guarantees an optimum parking ratio for the large-format retailers (1 for every 100 m2).